Hi! I’m Ashley! (@strumpet_in_ stays) After many years of being too intimidated to sew, I finally jumped headfirst into a historical sewing obsession around 4 years ago when I became obsessed with 18th century stuff.

I have a BA in History, but work in tech as a UX researcher so it’s nice to be able still indulge my love of history though my sewing. I live on an island near Seattle with my husband, our dog Tayto, and cat Finn.

Hi! I’m Erin (@frocks_and_frippery) My sewing has taken a back seat the last few years while I was in medical school. Now that I’m in residency here in Saint Louis, I’ve decided to try to spend more time doing the things I love (and hopefully finish some of the projects I’ve started over the years). If nothing else, it’s a good excuse to wear something other than scrubs. 

Recent Projects

Our sewing-room assistants


Tayto likes to be at the center of any project, and makes sure that any fabric that touches the ground is sufficiently tested for comfort and nap-ability.


Finn is our resident pattern shredder- no paper is safe with him nearby. He also makes sure Ashley takes lots of breaks from sewing (mostly to deal with his mischief making.)